What if you could get a window into how all your parts fit together, and put your hands on the levers that shift your destiny? To be clear, such an achievement depends mostly on you. But with imaginative thinking, legit analytical tools, and openness to co-creative possibilities, I’ll help you move in that direction.

I help seekers clarify their beliefs, values, and life experience to connect with their purpose and path.

The core of my work is to help you clarify your central, actionable values and put them into practice to fulfill your firmly-held purpose. I make use of my diverse training in psychology, theology, shadow and self-compassion work, and shamanic and meditative practices to give strong support for meaningful personal progress. Developing a mindset, getting into action, exploring new perspectives: your forward motion on these powerful tracks will benefit from safe opportunities for meaningful dialogue aided by my top strengths: believer, coach, empathizer, strategist, problem-solver.

Reserve a complementary sample session. Just show up with a topic to explore at no cost, and then it’s up to you whether to come back for more!

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance

In the task of connecting your inner wishes with the outer world, your values help you find the long-term solutions to problems; meanwhile your life experience and even your beliefs can both help and hinder. From time to time, it all deserves a quest for insight.

I am a CTA Certified Coach, based in eastern Massachusetts, available anywhere.

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Nat Binzen
Way Finder, Coach
Tel. 617.899.3136
Arlington, Mass., USA

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