For a fulfilling life, the learning just never stops. Life coaches focus on people and their results, developing a mindset, getting into action, problem-solving, exploring new perspectives, and facilitating safe opportunities for meaningful dialogue. Years of facilitating and structured conversations with the Mankind Project and Samaritans have shown me I have a talent for this work. Mostly a teacher by trade (I like to work with people on their knowledge and learning growth), I trained with the Coach Training Alliance to make even better use of my own top strengths (as determined by the High5 test): believer, coach, empathizer, strategist, problem-solver.

Ask me for a complementary sample session, and you can see for yourself the possibilities for exploring your own potential for positive change and growth. There’s no cost and no obligation beyond this one time. It just means showing up with a genuine topic/agenda to explore, and I’ll apply the tools to make it worth your while.

Consider these applications of the coaching model:

de-committing and re-focusing: By choosing to de-commit, whether from over-productive drive, or from time-wasters, addictive behaviors, or energy-draining obligations, a person can gather strength to focus on making and sticking to better commitments.

caring people: For some people, caring for others or for our world is a paramount personal value. They can struggle trying to shoehorn their compassionate intentions into a sometimes uncaring world of earning a living, attending to many demands, and advancing one’s own self-interest. They can better align their desires with the outer world by clarifying their values, sorting out the pain points, re-focusing their rewards for success and self-caring, and repositioning to create a new path.

examining and shifting climate values and mindset: People who are experiencing climate change-related fear, grief, and disempowerment, finding their own purpose pulled down by the undertow of a world adrift, can use a structure to deeply examine their own values and beliefs, coming to a new understanding of how to be “okay” in a world that’s not “okay”. This can allow them to balance being hopeful and faithful with being concerned and realistic; being active and productive with taking care of themselves.

exploration of spiritual beliefs and doubts: ‘Spiritual seekers’, the ‘spiritual but not religious’, ‘religious nones’, and liberal-minded Christians, who want to clarify viable, workable beliefs and values for themselves, can improve the connection between their inner wishes and the outer world – their role in it and their relationships, both personal and professional. In this way they can better use their authenticity and commit to a path with purpose, certainty, balance, and equanimity.

executive function / ADD / using insights from psychology: People who struggle to focus on priorities, pulled by the attraction of distraction, can learn cognitive principles and techniques, and gain a clear understanding of their own obstacles to getting things done well. In this way, they can enjoy the benefits of well-directed productivity, especially time efficiency and using the rewards of free time for greater personal fulfillment.

It’s rewarding to work with people whose values and ideals are causing them to re-think their circumstances and choices, and who are motivated to invest in investigating and resolving this need. Maybe there’s difficulty committing to a path; or a yearning to find a way to use your authenticity; or a quest for purpose, certainty, balance, equanimity.

There are as many possible goals as there are unique people, but in the task of connecting one’s inner wishes with the outer world – your role in it and your relationships, both personal and professional – your values help you find the long-term solutions to problems. Tapping into your values is a part of how I like to help others realize their growth potential. Can we free ourselves from obstacles and problems? Can we better use our emotions? Can we see a long-term vision in line with our beliefs?

Dedicated, methodical coaching conversations provide a way forward, and I make use of my own diverse training in theology, shadow work, shamanic and contemplative practice, and compassion-focused work to enable a richer look inward and into one’s traditions for support.

Engage in magical thinking > >> >>> get magical results.