Clarity >> Choice >> Committed Action

What if you could put your hands on the levers that shift your destiny? No surprise, such an achievement depends mostly on you, though it’s not entirely under your control. The coaching model just works to help you release the forces that can help. Partner up with imaginative thinking, legit analytical tools, and openness to co-creative possibilities, and you’re well-armed.

If you’re ‘not sure,’ I help you get to clarity, make a definite choice, and then commit to action.

There’s theory, and there’s practice. Underlying effective decisions is the ability to commit, built on awareness of and alignment with one’s values, passions, and capabilities. I use the powerful coaching model, supplemented as needed by diverse methods from psychology, spiritual direction, shadow and self-compassion work, and journeying/meditation, to give strong support for meaningful personal progress.

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance

The core of my work is to help you clarify your central, actionable values and needs, and put them into practice to fulfill your firmly-held purpose. But sometimes we carry a suffering or doubting mindset that blocks all this, right? Really understanding our beliefs, exploring new perspectives, developing a mindset, getting into action: your forward motion on these powerful tracks will benefit from safe opportunities for meaningful dialogue aided by my top strengths: believer, coach, empathizer, strategist, problem-solver.

I am a CTA Certified Coach, based in eastern Massachusetts, available anywhere.

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