What if you could get a window into how all your parts fit together, and put your hands on the levers that shift your destiny? Let’s be clear – such an achievement depends mostly on you. But with imaginative thinking, legit analytical tools, and openness to co-creative possibilities, I’ll help you move in that direction.

I help seekers clarify their beliefs, values, and life experience to connect with their purpose and path.

For a fulfilling life, learning never stops. Developing a mindset, getting into action, exploring new perspectives: your work on any of these will benefit from safe opportunities for meaningful dialogue aided by my top strengths*: believer, coach, empathizer, strategist, problem-solver.

Reserve a complementary sample session, and see for yourself the possibilities for enacting your potential for positive change. Just show up with a topic to explore; no cost, up to you whether to come back for more!

Over-committed… Uncertain about your future… Care too much… Struggling to focus… Seeking a path with purpose, certainty, balance, and equanimity…. In the task of connecting your inner wishes with the outer world, your values help you find the long-term solutions to problems; meanwhile your life experience and even your beliefs sometimes help, sometimes hinder, and so deserve a quest for insight.

I make use of my own diverse training in psychology, theology, shadow work, self-compassion, and shamanic and meditative practice to power stronger support.

Contact me – off we go!

Nat Binzen
Way Finder, Coach
Tel. 617.899.3136
Arlington, Mass., USA

*as determined by the High5 test