My process

My instructional design process begins with the discovery and documentation of your needs and goals. I then apply relevant learning theories to outline, draft content and blueprint the course, leading to a working storyboard. Once approved, I develop the prototype with an iterative review process. This ensures a product that hits the target when delivered for implementation.

I have a strong foundation in both adult and young learners’ needs and relevant learning theories, built from years as a teacher, trainer, curriculum developer, and school administrator. I think in terms of backward design, diverse learners and learning styles, relevance and relatability. My other career, as a corporate marketing research analyst and a nonprofit communications director, helps me build projects to meet the audience/market need with authentic, targeted, persuasive messaging. Marrying the creative and the analytical, I design and generate learning content and experiences to meet client needs while keeping it fun and engaging.  

Outside of work, I’m based in the New York/New England area, and I write about belief and knowledge; write and sometimes perform pop/folk-ish songs; rollerblade, trek, bike, and play ultimate, tennis and pickle; and enjoy life with my beloved family.

Deep background (not ID-related)