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Textureality, featuring Huston Smith - Temporarily removed-check back soon Smith waxes, nature listens. 2004. 11 min, 56 MB.160x120 pixels. Thanks to Huston Smith, Mariana Caplan, and the California Institute for Integral Studies.

Not today - The story of an intention averted. 2004.
1 min, 44 sec, 3.5 MB, 160x120 pixels.

Heightened conflict - Textural experiment. Music by John Tavener. 2004.
1 min, 20 sec, 8.3 MB, 320x240 pixels.

Power to the Peaceful - A short documentary of San Francisco recycle-hippies helping Michael Franti & Spearhead keep Golden Gate Park clean 'n green. 2002.
6 min, 5 sec, 3.6 MB, 180x120 pixels.

Journey to Aswan - A brief odyssey in Egyptian streets, June, 2001.
3 min, 22 sec, 3.3 MB, 160x120 pixels.
The Cuticle Caper - Dastard seizes opportunity, with consequences. 2003.
7 min, 8 sec, 3.8 MB,160x120 pixels.
Sween n short - Nature textures, Death Valley, 2002.
10 sec, 7.6 MB, 320x240 pixels.
effxdgrazz - Nature textures, Marin, California, June 2002. Music: Baaba Maal, remixed by NB.
46 sec, 1.4 MB, 720x480 pixels.


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