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2-Dimensional Works

Haiku and handmade paper
Matisse Books
Postage stamp design
Story Quilts


Grades 6-8

Project: Figure drawing



Project: Working from a still-life composition of bones, make a value drawing of 2-3 bones on half of the sheet, then mirror the image on the other half.




Project: Portrait drawing






Grades 7-9

Project: Mural study of Marc Chagall by after-school art club




Project: After studying the human portrait in pencil, create an abstract portrait by outlining highlights and shadows found in the human face, and then adding color. One of three color schemes may be used: warm/cool, complementary, or a triad of colors.






Project: After receiving one piece of an art reproduction, copy it while looking carefully at the artist's use of line, color, and brushstroke. When you are finished, place your piece with those belonging to your classmates to form the whole art image.



Project: After studying an artist's life, select a work by that artist to copy, and design a bag in honor of that artist. The written history can be placed on the back, and you may chose to copy the artist's signature or print the artist's name along the side.



Matisse Books

Grade 6

Project: Learn about Henri Matisse and his paper cut-outs, then cut paper to illustrate your own story about a person.





Haiku and handmade paper

Grade 6

Project: Make your own paper in class. Write a haiku about one of the four seasons and make a collage reflecting how you feel or what you like to do during that season.






Postage stamp designs

Grade 8

Project: Design a set of four postage stamps either with the same theme and four different images, or with one image that separates into four complete sub-images.



Story Quilts

Grade 6

Project: Based on the work of Faith Ringgold, make your own story quilt using printmaking techniques and paste paper. Consider what "HOME" means to you.







Please note: many photos documenting student work and exhibitions at Leysin American School were lost in a computer system failure. To view artwork and events, you may request to see my copy of the school's yearbook on DVD.


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