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Academic Papers

This is the collection of my papers written during my studies at the Graduate Theological Union, 1999-2001, for which I received an M.A. in theology.

The following are in pdf/Acrobat format:

Master's Thesis of October, 2001: "Relatedness and Empowerment: Toward a New Poverty Reduction Agenda for the Emerging Civil Society."
1. Thesis Intro Preface, table of contents & introduction. 45 kb.
2. Thesis Chapter 1 The wages of poverty; meanings of relatedness; the empowerment agenda and worldly powers; empowerment through civil society. 114 kb.
3. Thesis Chapter 2 Case studies on Cross River, Nigeria; indigenous Ecuador; and Jubilee 2000. 87 kb.
4. Thesis Chapter 3 Toward a new agenda: justice and solidarity in politics and economics; religious understandings; conclusion; and bibliography. 86 kb.

New stuff!
"Eli's Gift" script draft A fictionalized play concerning human gene therapy. May, 2001
The trials of gene therapy: a study guide for the play "Eli's Gift" Ethical issues in the death of Jesse Gelsinger. May, 2001
Beyond the deep brain-stem: the openness of the native dreamer March, 2001
Native American spirituality and process philosophy in the science-and-religion dialogue May, 2001

Theology, Ethics, etc.
Theological aesthetics of performance December, 2000. A rather wide-ranging discussion of experience, relationality, nature, and the performing arts.
Dissolving the boundaries of oppression: oppressed, oppressors, and the challenge of solidarity December, 2000. A look at some issues from liberation theology.
Rethinking the State of Nature: on Locke's second treatise of government December, 2000. In which I diss Locke for his individualistic bent.
Can Christian ethics countenance a coup d'etat? The case of Ecuador, January 21, 2000 May, 2000
In the realm of searchers: Buddhist meditation practices, Christian practicioners April, 2000
Eastern meditation: perspectives from ethics and the science-religion dialogue May, 2000
A moral autobiography February, 2000
The world that continues: rethinking apocalyptic vision December, 1999

Science and Religion
Morality emergent, morality commanded: biology and theology in the thinking of Rolston and Hefner May, 2000
Constructing the human by the light of science: theological anthropology of Barbour, Peacocke and Hefner December, 1999
Review of "A Neuropsychological-Semiotic Model of Religious Experiences" December, 1999

The following are short essays, in html:

Irenaeus's Arguments against the Gnostics September, 1999
The Experience of the Early Christian Martyrs October, 1999
Augustine and Confessions November, 1999
Humble Holiness in the Monastery: the Demand for Obedience in Benedict's Rule November, 1999
Bonaventure's Journey to God, Seven Centuries Later November, 1999
Juliana's Christ December, 1999

I am the light that is above everything, I am all; all came forth from me and all has returned to me. Split the wood and I am there. Lift up the stone and you will find me there.
Jesus, The Gospel of Thomas, 77

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