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If two make peace with one another in the same house,
they will say to the mountain, "Be moved!" and it will be moved.

Gospel of Thomas 48

This site is for fun. I show some stuff and hope you get a bang out of it. It is presented with a purpose, however. I believe in a world where art is uniquely able to answer questions, where meaningful ideas find creative expression through people, and where the fruits of this labor are circulated and shared. This ongoing project is a kind of practice. ...But, wow, is this stuff out of date!!

Blog time!

Terraplane --- Begun November, 2002 - I have a blog.



Photo-montages and sketches from Egypt, May-June, 2001.


Artistic endeavors:

Must-see video.

Here's some art.

Here are some sketches, 1998-2001.

Here are sketches from Tuscany, which I made on a trip there in September, 1998.

Photo experiment: a 360-degree panorama of Woodstock '98. Give it time to load!

Web projects: Check out Advertising in the 1950s, a web-documentary history of advertising in the early days of the Ogilvy & Mather agency, as told by my father, who was an art director at that time. Featuring many actual ads and roughs. (Pending further refinements, images can be a bit slow to load)

Thinking too much? Here are some actually quite interesting academic papers on matters theological, ethical, and scientific. From MA Theology studies at Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, NoCal. Goes back to c. 1999-2001, and includes my Master's Thesis on relatedness and empowerment; a play and accompanying study guide concerning the pitfalls of human gene therapy; and some work on Native American spirituality in relation to western science. Also get the dish on the theological aesthetics of experiences in nature and the performing arts; Irenaeus vs. the Gnostics; martyrs; Augustine; apocalyptic thinking; and theological anthropology.

Recreations: I once thought about going on a millenial cross-the-country bike trip. Haven't gotten around to it yet. Wanna join me for a leg or more? Here's an itinerary and maps.

Entirely self-indulgent department: Here's a list of practically all the concerts I've ever attended - 170 acts at last count. Plus my Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan set lists.

Shameless self-promotion: Well, why not: My resume. Undoubtedly way out of date.


"I do find that when we have superheroines like Barbara Lee, we oftentimes take our power away, and put it on another person, and say, "Right on, Barbara Lee speaks for me." But we also need to say, "I speak for me." All of us need to speak out, all of us need to get active. Having someone's back doesn't just mean, keep on going, 'Right on, right on, keep it up'; it means 'How can I help? How can I get actively involved?'

"Instill in yourself] a renewed sense of commitment, and create more ways that you can get active and get involved, so that we all have each other's back, but that we have it by all of us speaking out, all of us acting out -- literally, acting out."

- Julia Butterfly Hill endorsing Barbara Lee, Oct., 2002

The family
Family, the root                             Photos: Bill Binzen / William Binzen


Dreams of Love



Axxiem, website design, my employer.

Circle of Life, former employer and home base of Julia Butterfly Hill.

Jubilee USA Network   Please support debt relief for the poor nations of the world by making some noise about it. I'm actively involved in this campaign, so ask me more. We live a life of unparalled prosperity, and along the way, we richest 20% of the world's population consume 86% of the world's resources. The debt burden on the poor nations is unjustified and unjust on many levels, it cannot be defended, and our response to this systemic crisis defines what kind of nation we are.

Making Contact, a program of the National Radio Project. To hear an mpeg of the half-hour shows which I wrote and co-produced, or to order copies, click their "archive" link and find in the year 2000 shows,
"20-00: A Popular Uprising: A Look at Ecuador's Coup (May 17, 2000)"
"29-00: The Cuban Way: Yesterday and Today (July 19, 2000)"
"36-00: Race, Class and the U.S. Death Penalty (September 6, 2000)"

Graduate Theological Union(GTU), my grad school.
The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, the center of my activities at GTU.

Counterbalance, very cool website for science-and-religion lectures and video. I have filmed and edited many of these lectures. For the videos, follow link to "Info," then link to"Media."

Some former employers:
WBUR, Boston's NPR News Station
Cambridge Arts Council
World Music

Last updated: February 17, 2006